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Meet ashlee


Hello, I'm thrilled to introduce myself! I am an experienced educator with a deep passion for empowering children and teens through trauma-informed education and life coaching. With a master’s degree in trauma-informed education and certification as a trauma and resilience practitioner in education, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my coaching practice.


Throughout my nine-year journey in the field of education, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of trauma-informed practices in the lives of young individuals and their families. This inspired me to pursue further education and training, equipping me with a comprehensive understanding of trauma's impact on learning and development. Armed with this knowledge, I am dedicated to supporting children, teens and families in overcoming adversity and building resilience. 


As a coach for children, teens and families, I am committed to creating a safe and nurturing space for growth, healing, and personal development. I believe that every individual possesses unique strengths and abilities, and my role is to guide in recognizing and harnessing their full potential. Through a compassionate and individualized approach, I work closely with my clients to identify their goals, explore their passions, and cultivate the skills needed to thrive in all areas of life.


My trauma-informed background greatly influences my coaching practice, as I recognize the importance of creating a trauma-sensitive environment. I understand that each individual carries their own experiences and challenges, and I strive to provide a supportive and non-judgmental space where they can feel heard, understood, and valued. By integrating trauma-informed principles into my coaching sessions, I am able to help individuals navigate their emotions, build self-confidence, and develop healthy coping strategies, all while looking at the future.


In my coaching practice, I prioritize the development of executive functioning skills in children and teens as well as within the family. These skills, including organization, time management, and self-regulation, are crucial for their long-term success. By focusing on executive functioning skills, I empower individuals to become independent, confident, and resilient.


Through personalized coaching sessions, I assess each client's executive functioning abilities and tailor strategies to their unique strengths and challenges. Collaborating with parents and educators, as well as other family members, we create a supportive network that reinforces skill development across different environments.


I help equip individuals with lifelong tools to navigate challenges, overcome obstacles, and achieve goals.


Let's embark on a transformative coaching journey together.

  • Verified Provider on Psychology Today

  • Certified WISDOM™ Coach

  • Certified Trauma & Resilience Practitioner - Education

  • Coaching Adolescents - Youth Coaching Institute

WISDOM Coach Certified by Adventures in Wisdom
Ashlee Carbonaro Life Coach
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