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Being Thankful is not enough

The status quo is not our calling

"Dear Past: Thank You for All the Lessons. Dear Future: I'm Ready." Quote written by Joyce Edwards | Oct, 2023 | Medium.

The celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday is a busy time of celebration. Preparing and sharing food with those special people in our lives is a much-needed respite from our daily routines. With this also comes the transition to the next season, where buying and giving overtake our lives, best illustrated by the madness of Black Friday.

One would think that the combination of taking stock of our lives and giving thanks for what we have, shared with the ability to partake in unlimited and endless purchasing opportunities, would provide a level of inner satisfaction. Quite simply, the reality is most people are more anxious and sad regarding their lives. People are confused in their present and lost towards how to achieve satisfaction with their lives, passions, and goals. The superficial messaging of the holiday season masks a deeper dissatisfaction many of us carry inside.

To move beyond this malaise, the answer is not in what we have but in what we do with what we have.

How will you answer this call to action where doing more with what you have is necessary? Do you understand who you are and what your capabilities are? Do you have the ability to dream the impossible and answer your calling to conquer the future, no matter the hardships along the way?

Working with a coach can help you reach inside and better understand yourself, your purpose, and how you can make the most of your skills and passions to help yourself and the greater community.

Dr. Lawrence

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