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I recently purchased a fully electric vehicle (EV). While it is an automobile at its core, it would be an understatement to minimize the learning curve of the nuances of operating my EV. Foremost is the advanced technology for many driving functions, a challenge that is both a marvel to learn and exhilarating to use. On the opposite spectrum are the limited battery driving range, the poor infrastructure for charging, and disparate connections and charging types. There is a real fear of running out of power, known as “range anxiety.”

My preparation, research, and due diligence regarding charging options resulted in a charging station in my garage, adapters to be best prepared to charge at various charging stations, and a reference of all available charging stations for the destinations I frequently drive. Planning for my vacation home resulted in photos of available 208 outlets and the fuse box, which resulted in purchasing an adapter and a portable charging unit.

On my first trip up, despite obtaining what seemed to be the appropriate connector for me to connect the portable charging unit to, neither existing 208 provided the correct plug-in for the connector. Frustration and uncertainty followed.

I walked away from the endeavor, packing up the charger and connector, unsure of the next step. Having witnessed my efforts, my son inquired why the setup didn’t work. I provided a detailed explanation, ultimately blaming my choice of adapter. Finally, my son asked why an adapter was needed. I responded that everything I read indicated the portable unit required a connector to the household plug.

Or was it...

Upon further review, the dryer outlet did not work for the charging unit without the adapter; however, the input on the electric stove was a perfect match!

My lesson: 1. Gathering data is good. 2. But so is stopping, evaluating, and accepting guidance from others.

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Dr. Lawrence

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