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Career & Leadership evolution
through exploration


Compass Pointing North

You're not alone on this journey

My clients who work with me achieve growth and change.

They embrace a relationship structured around empathy, questioning, listening, observing, acceptance, and feedback.

I acknowledge my clients by seeing them as a whole person and providing exploration in a safe space.


We work together as equals for the common goal of positive change.


Do you need a coach?

Consider the following:


We live in an age where immediacy kills curiosity, and self-centeredness is ruining teamwork. It doesn't matter if we are discussing families, organizations, or any other social organizations; an individual focus at the group's expense leads to partisanship, disengagement from purpose, and an overall failure to achieve the highest level of success possible.


Effective leadership in these times requires leaders to shift from an inward focus on themselves to one that looks outward, considering the greater good of all. Shortsightedness and greed have consumed too many leaders at the expense of true leadership. Living a hurried life becomes one that is superficial, creating uncertainty at the cost of community, family, and friendship. The expediency of results drives many to the point that anything which gets in the way becomes the enemy. This situation impacts better health, better business, and better relationships creating a world that spends tomorrow's assets for today's gain.


What the above means for leaders is shifting ones focus necessitating rebuilding one's marketable skills. Leadership in these complex times must factor in the above complexities and the realization that answers do not reside with individuals or titles. Required for many leaders is a style change creating greater connections with those they lead. To obtain connected leadership comes the need to invest yourself by creating an intimacy that many leaders do not practice and are uncomfortable with. Doing so will create valuable new connections while also creating transparency and ambiguity in the relationships where some leaders fear being exposed as not having all the answers.


By understanding of the power of letting go of the persona of knowing everything and instead, embracing an environment where we grow, the result is our followers develop, and the overall is improved. Releasing the fear of the insecurity that comes with opening oneself to others and partnering leads to acceptance that success does not come from remaining where we are and doing what we have always done is a critical lesson on the path to authenticity.


Working with a coach is a powerful tool to unlock your true inner compass of leadership.

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