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Dr. Lawrence


Dr. Lawrence Carbonaro is an exceptional professional in leadership coaching, strategic leadership development, and healthcare operations. With expertise as a Gallup® Strengths Coach and ICF-certified Leadership Coach, he empowers individuals and organizations to achieve their goals by leveraging their unique strengths. His Doctorate in Strategic Leadership Development, coupled with experience as a Senior Healthcare Operations leader, enables him to guide clients through complex challenges with precision and insight.


As a skilled coach, he fosters growth, resilience, and transformation by providing personalized guidance and support. Through thought-provoking questioning and a holistic approach, he empowers clients to reach their full potential, enhancing their leadership skills and driving organizational success.


With a deep understanding of the Gallup® StrengthsFinder assessment, Dr. Lawrence helps individuals identify and optimize their talents, resulting in increased performance and fulfillment. Moreover, his ICF certification as a Leadership Coach solidifies his commitment to excellence in coaching practices, ensuring clients receive the highest quality guidance.


His extensive knowledge in strategic leadership development, change management, and organizational development enables him to develop tailored strategies for individuals and organizations. By navigating through transitions and optimizing performance, he helps clients overcome obstacles and achieve long-term success.


In the healthcare sector, Dr. Lawrence utilizes his experience as a Senior Executive to offer specialized coaching solutions. He understands the unique challenges faced in the industry and provides targeted support to healthcare professionals.


Through his guidance, individuals and organizations gain the tools and confidence to excel in today's dynamic world. With a passion for fostering growth and transformation, Dr. Lawrence is a trusted partner on the journey to personal and professional success.

Dr. Lawrence Carbonaro
  • ICF Certified

  • Gallup Strengths Coach

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