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Dr. Lawrence

become a more impactful leader.

Engage with me today to find out how you can become a more impactful leader.


"When I let go of what i am, I become what I might be."

-Lao Tzu

Dr. Lawrence Carbonaro is an exceptional professional in leadership coaching, strategic leadership development, and healthcare operations. With expertise as a Gallup® Strengths Coach and ICF-certified Leadership Coach, he empowers individuals and organizations to achieve their goals by leveraging their unique strengths. His Doctorate in Strategic Leadership Development, coupled with experience as a Senior Healthcare Operations leader, enables him to guide clients through complex challenges with precision and insight.


Your coaching partnership starts with you but you function as a team. The goal is for you to flourish. The process starts with you as you invent your path to your success. With coaching, you are not alone. 


With a deep understanding of the Gallup® StrengthsFinder assessment, Dr. Lawrence helps individuals identify and optimize their talents, resulting in increased performance and fulfillment. Moreover, his ICF certification as a Leadership Coach solidifies his commitment to excellence in coaching practices, ensuring clients receive the highest quality guidance.


Dr. Lawrence's coaching style has its roots in positive psychology which starts with uncovering your signature strengths and leverages a combination of coaching techniques with your passions and goals. His clients grow and develop through a combination of personalized coaching sessions and practical, tailored strategies that empower and unlock their full potential. 

With the recognition that while change is not easy, you have choices, and the path forward is your choice. Your sessions are focused on you understanding your passions and goals. The process works to provide you the tools to embrace the willpower to persist and minimize fears and obstacles as you overcome the unknowns on your path forward. 

Through his guidance, individuals and organizations gain the tools and confidence to excel in today's dynamic world. With a passion for fostering growth and transformation, Dr. Lawrence is a trusted partner on the journey to personal and professional success.

  • Doctor of Strategic Leadership

  • Verified Provider on Psychology Today

  • ICF Certified

  • Gallup Strengths Coach

Its all about you


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