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We specialize in helping you move forward. Commit to your transformation.

  • Child Coaching

    Every week
    WISDOM® Coaching Program for Children Ages 6-12
    • Enhanced Self-Esteem and Confidence
    • Improved Communication Skills
    • Goal Setting and Achievement
    • Stress Management and Resilience
    • Academic Success
    • Weekly 1 Hour Sessions
    • In-Person Coaching or Virtual
    • Unlimited Correspondence Including: Text/Phone/Email
    • All Materials Included
  • Teen Coaching

    Every week
    I'm here to listen and understand your unique journey. We'll discuss your goals & strengths.
    • Self-Discovery and Identify Development
    • Goal Setting and Planning for the Future
    • Building Resilience and Coping Skills
    • Improved Communication and Relationship Skills
    • Enhanced Decision-Making and Problem Solving
    • Weekly 1 Hour Sessions
    • Unlimited Text/Phone/Email Correspondence
    • BONUS: Complimentary Gallup StrengthsFinder Teen Assessment
    • In Person Coaching or Virtual
  • Life Coaching with Ashlee

    Every week
    Personalized package to meet your individual needs and goals
    • Clarity and Goal Setting
    • Increased Self-Awareness
    • Improved Work-Life Balance
    • Enhanced Communication and Relationships
    • Accountability and Motivation
    • Weekly 1:1 Sessions
    • Unlimited Correspondence: Text/Phone/Email
    • In-Person Coaching or Virtual
  • Family Coaching

    Every week
    The goal is to create transformative and sustainable change within your family.
    • Improved Communication Skills
    • Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving
    • Enhanced Relationship Dynamics
    • Goal Setting and Life Planning
    • Stress Reduction and Well-Being
    • Weekly Sessions With The Family
    • Unlimited Correspondence: Text/Phone/Email
    • In-Person Coaching or Virtual
  • Tutoring

    Tutoring Services for K-3
    • Individualized Attention
    • Improved Academic Performance
    • Boosted Confidence and Motivation
    • Enhanced Study Skills and Learning Strategies
    • Early Intervention for Learning Challenges
    • Weekly 1:1 Tutoring
    • Unlimited Correspondence
    • In-Person or Virtual

*Payment arrangements are available 🌱

Bi-weekly sessions are also available!
Contact Ashlee for more information or to make a referral at 207-890-3222 or

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