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Oh the Holidays - Bless Their Festive Little Hearts❤️

Greetings, fellow holiday survivors! As we gear up for another round of tinsel-covered chaos, let's take a moment to appreciate the unintentional comedy that is parenthood during the festive season. Kids, bless their festive little hearts ❤️, have a way of turning the holidays into a comedy. Today, we're exploring the chuckle-worthy side of why the holidays be oh so full of laughter and stress.

The Great Routine Escape

In the land of parenting, routine is our trusty sidekick. But during the holidays, routine takes a vacation faster than we can say "did we hide the elf?! 😜." It's like our schedule got a one-way ticket to the North Pole, and we're left trying to choreograph a festive dance routine (channel your inner Mean Girls) without missing a beat.

Expectation Follies

Kids and expectations during the holidays are like a sitcom with a twist ending. Will they react with unbridled joy or declare an epic meltdown over the wrong color of wrapping paper? It's the unexpected plot twists that keep us on the edge of our seats—or, more accurately, on the edge of the delicious cookie plate 🍪.

The Stress Spectacle

Picture this: You're the star of a holiday-themed show, juggling shopping bags, tangled lights, and a turkey that somehow defies both physics and your culinary skills. Meanwhile, your kids are the peanut gallery, observing your stress-fueled performance with a mix of confusion and amusement. It's a comedy of errors, and you're the headliner 🎬.

As we tiptoe through the tinsel-covered land of parenting during the holidays, let's keep our sense of humor intact amidst the chaos. Laughter is the best medicine. Here are some tips for navigating the festive mayhem with a smile:

**”Operation Sanity": (Routines)** Consider these little routines as your secret agents in "Operation Sanity." A bedtime story might not save the world, but it can save your sanity, one page at a time.

** "The North Pole Briefing": (Discussion)** Gather your little elves for a North Pole-style briefing. Discuss what's on the holiday agenda and assure them that Santa has granted them a pass for any minor mischief caused by holiday confusion.

**"Jingle All the Way” (Without Stressing):** Instead of stressing about creating the perfect holiday magic, think of it as a comedy improv – spontaneous, a bit messy, and totally worth the laughter. Nothing is ever perfect and 99% of your worries won’t even happen.

**"The Calm Before the Eggnog Storm":** Take moments for mindful stress management – a.k.a. "The Calm Before the Eggnog/Cocoa Storm." Whether it's a deep breath or a discreet sip of cocoa or something stronger, find your Zen amidst the holiday chaos.

**"Tiny Consultants Inc.":** Turn your kids into holiday planning consultants. They may suggest unconventional ideas like a marshmallow-only menu or decorating the cat, but hey, it adds a unique flavor to the festivities!

In the grand comedy of parenting during the holidays, remember that you need laughter. Here's to a holiday season filled with belly laughs, messy mini-routines, and the perfect amount of holiday chaos! May your days be merry and your coffee be strong. Cheers to surviving the holidays 🎅!

Coach Ashlee

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