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My horse gave me this great idea...

How many of you have experienced receiving great insight when you least expect it? I have on many occasions credited my “insight” with the statement, “My horse Ice revealed to me...”. Clearly, this is not possible, or is it...

Every morning, I get up early to walk my three dogs, followed by feeding my birds and ending the start of my day with my horse as I prepare her paddock and hand-feed her the morning grains. These quiet moments are before the regiments and habits that make up the beginning of what typically becomes a hectic day of rushing, multitasking, and pushing myself into a state of constant activity and excess mental stimulation.

The reality is while the horse didn’t provide the creative idea, the habit of freeing myself from constant thinking by not reacting to outside stimuli and my inside thoughts, I gain freedom from my mind and for my mind. This enlightened state brought on through the relaxed activities described above allows previously hidden, free-flowing, spontaneous ideas hidden to gain influence in my creative thinking.

Removing ourselves from stimulation and carving out mental space by relaxing one’s body and mind with solitary activities such as I described help us disconnect from the outside world, creating meditative moments that open us to explore and see new perspectives. This activity of slowing down and being aware is the answer to providing answers! This important foundational piece is a critical key to our growth and success.

Working with a coach provides a similar respite from the confusion and chaos which cloud our thoughts. When seeking to change or find answers to achieving your goals, investing time in working with your coach provides a break from your daily routine that can open the door to more productive and creative thinking modes.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself, reach out for your free exploratory consultation.

Dr. Lawrence

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