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Online and In Person Coaching Available

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Coaching options

Customized Coaching for all


WISDOM™ Coaching Through Stories

Adventures in WISDOM Child Coaching

We'll explore your child's world through conversation. Your child can share their experiences, dreams, and any challenges they might be facing. By listening to their stories, we'll uncover their unique strengths, interests, and areas for growth. Together, we'll imagine new chapters in their story, where they can overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. My goal is to create a safe and engaging space for self-discovery and self-expression. It's the starting point for helping your child flourish, guided by their inner compass, and crafting a brighter, more promising story for their future. I’m licensed and certified to use Adventures in WISDOM® Program which is a story-based approach to coaching.


Strengthening Your Family

We'll explore your family dynamics, goals, and areas where you seek guidance. I'm here to listen to each family member, understand your unique challenges, and provide guidance on enhancing communication and relationships. Together, we'll define your collective goals and strengths. This is a safe space for open dialogue and self-discovery within your family unit. We'll work together to create a roadmap for personal growth, harmony, and resilience. It's the initial step in strengthening family bonds and fostering a supportive, thriving environment. Let's embark on this transformative journey to help your family thrive.


All About Support & Goals 

We'll explore your dreams, challenges, and aspirations. I'm here to listen and understand your unique journey as a teenager, offering guidance and insights to help you navigate adolescence successfully. We'll discuss your goals, strengths, and areas for growth. My goal is to create a safe space for self-expression and self-discovery. Together, we'll create a path towards your personal growth and development. It's the first step towards achieving your dreams and building the confidence to overcome challenges. Let's embark on this transformative journey together and find your inner compass to guide you through your teen years.


Supporting Your Future and Goals

Life coaching for adults is a transformative journey focused on self-discovery, growth, and achieving personal goals. Together, we embark on a path of clarity, identifying aspirations and creating actionable, realistic goals. My role as a coach is to provide unwavering support, offering guidance, and empowering you to overcome challenges. Through open dialogue and tailored strategies, we cultivate a roadmap for success. Whether it's career advancement, relationship enhancement, or personal development, I am dedicated to fostering your potential. With a collaborative approach, we navigate life's complexities, celebrating victories and navigating setbacks. Let's embark on this empowering partnership, unlocking your fullest potential.


Advancing Leaders Through Coaching & Consulting

Effective leadership is the cornerstone of organizational success, and coaching plays a pivotal role in nurturing new and developing leaders. Guiding them through challenges, coaching fosters self-awareness, strategic thinking, and resilience. Our consulting services understand the unique needs of businesses, offering tailored coaching solutions. Utilizing Gallup® StrengthsFinder assessments, we identify and amplify leaders' strengths, creating a positive impact on team dynamics and overall performance. Investing in coaching not only enhances individual leadership capabilities but also cultivates a culture of continuous growth, empowering leaders to navigate complexities, inspire their teams, and drive sustained success. Elevate your leadership with our expertise and unlock your team's full potential.


Tutoring Services for Children K-3

Tutoring services tailored for children in grades K-3, with a dedicated focus on enhancing both literacy skills and social-emotional development. As a licensed educator in both Maine and New Hampshire, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to create an enriching learning environment.

He LOVES his time with you and it is very helpful!  Thank you so much for all you do to help and for being so accommodating with our schedule.  You are wonderful and we both feel the positive energy that you share with us and others.

L - Denmark

*Coaching with Ashlee

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Coaching Options &
Free Discovery Sessions 


Meet your coach

Ashlee Carbonaro, M.Ed.

Hello, I'm thrilled to introduce myself! I am an experienced educator with a deep passion for empowering children and teens. With a master’s degree in trauma-informed education and certification as a trauma and resilience practitioner in education, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my coaching practice.

Ashlee Carbonaro Life Coach

meet your coach

Dr. Lawrence Carbonaro

Dr. Lawrence Carbonaro is an exceptional professional in leadership coaching, strategic leadership development, and healthcare operations. With expertise as a Gallup® Strengths Coach and ICF-certified Leadership Coach, he empowers individuals and organizations to achieve their goals by leveraging their unique strengths. His Doctorate in Strategic Leadership Development, coupled with experience as a Senior Healthcare Operations leader, enables him to guide clients through complex challenges with precision and insight.

Dr. Lawrence Carbonaro ICF Gallup Certified Coach
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